Tuesday, September 27, 2011

DIY Halloween costume ideas

Two days  I posted 10 decoration ideas for Halloween. Today I am sharing Halloween costume ideas that I pulled from Pinterest. I have my Pandora music streaming and am ready to go! So, without further ado~

Note: not all of these are DIY, some are from photography pages. I think that it would be pretty easy to do a DIY version of these though! I would love to see your ideas!
  1. Lady Gaga Glasses~ These are super nifty and require two photo key chains and a pair of sunglasses.
  2. Zombie shoes~ These look so cool. I can imagine walking around on trick or treat day with these. Maybe you could take some plain gardening gloves and do a similar work of art on them, paint your face, and voila! Costume! PS~ I couldnt actually find these on the page it was pulled from, but there is a LOT of other great art there!
  3. Martha Stewart Costume~ So simple- A raincoat and an umbrella with stuffed dogs and cats sewn? velcroed? glued? onto it. You'll have to check out the tutorial to find out more...
  4. Nightmare before Christmas face art~ I think this is just so cool!
  5. Two-Face Batman character face art~ This does not come with a tutorial, but you could easily do a DIY Dr. Jekyll/Mr. Hyde sort of face paint.
  6. Bat hoodie dress~ This is a cute idea for those who don't want to go to extremes with their costumes.(the link is to the etsy shop that sold it, I thought it was a DIY, but I was wrong)
  7. Super Family~Loving this family costume idea, and it was all handmade! Phew! I think I would HAVE to be Supermom to pull that off!
  8. Beautiful ghoul face art~ I LOVE it! So dainty and stylish, while also being very Halloween-y.
  9. Sugar Skull Face art~ I love this one too! Love the flowers in the hair, a very feminine skull, if that is possible.
  10. Facebook~ Har Har. This one is SO simple, using a cereal box! You could also paint your face green and write "Book-worm" on it.

For the kids:
(Sorry the picture is so small!) Also, most of these are for boys, since I have a boy I was pinning boy costume ideas for myself.

    1. Cowboy~ Even though this is from an online costume store(40 bucks!) , I think it would be fairly easy to DIy.
    2. Cat in the Hat~ Isnt that cute! For the kid that loves him or her some PBS Cat in the Hat show, or the Dr. Seus books. This is also from a halloween store, but if you put your child in all black sweats, then glue/sew/velco white and red felt for the details, and use the # 3 Tutorial for the hat, and you would be set.
    3. Cat in the Hat Hat~ This tutorial from Little Birdie Secrets is so easy to follow. Would go great with #2.
    4. Gnome~ With the recent popularity of Gnomeo and Juliet, this costume is sure to be a hit with the other little trick or treaters. I love that the person who posted this Tute used mostly stuff that she had on-hand!
    5. DIY Cowboy~ This one is super cute, and comes with a  short tutorial! Also from Little Birdie Secrets- she also has a bunch of other costume ideas, check them out!
    6. Super Why costume~ Wow, this Super Why costume looks super easy to do! From Just Treadmilling Around.
    7. DIY Robot~ Genius!
    8.  DIY Choo Choo~ Also Genius- I love the use of vinyl records as wheels.
    9. Mega-Man~ I am fascinated by this Tutorial. I seriously thought about using this! There is so much detail and thought put into it. I cant believe that the helmet was made out of a bike helmet and a frisbee!
    10. Balloon Basket~ Another Awesome idea! Maybe next year, for my little one. So easy to do. I'm wondering if I can put enough balloons on it to actually make my son float a few inches off the ground! LOL! Seriously, that would be awesome.
    11. Go, Diego Go.~ Yeah, this is just a picture from the popular cartoon. I pinned this as inspiration in case I decided to use Diego as a costume choice for my son. He loves Diego! I think it would be easy to make a Diego costume.
    12. Thing 1 and Thing 2~ I was contemplating using the Cat in the Hat as a costume choice, and making a family thing of it and getting red shirts for his father and myself. I'm sure we would have been a hit!
    13. DIY Lego Indiana Jones~ Someone said that this is creepy looking, but I think that it would great for an adult or teenager to wear.
    14. Adorable Max (Wild Thing) ~ This one is from etsy. 150 bucks! Phew, I'm too poor for that. But its still adorable!
    15. Young Artist~ Oui, this costume is cute! $30,
    16. Prince Charming~ All those little princesses waltzing around on Trick or Treat night will love this little Charming costume! From Make it and Love it.
    17. Buzz Lightyear DIY~ Looks much better than those store-bought Buzz costumes, doesnt it?

    And... for those dog lovers out there.....
Isnt that dog so CUTE? What a well behaved model. Both of these, as well as others! Are from the Flirty Guide click here to see them.
    Well, that wraps this post up. I hope you got a kick out of all the costumes! Thanks for reading. :)