My Fave Websites

There are some websites that I simply love. Mostly these are going to be sites that I can go to for inspiration for activities to do with my son, with a sprinkling of sites that I just, find unique, interesting, or just plain fun. Enjoy!

  • Sprout Online ~ This is my number one go-to site for anything relating to preschool activities! There is so much to do and see on this site that I dont even know where to start. They have downloads, craft and activity tutorials, games, printables, recipes, and much more! And the best part is that EVERYTHING is geared toward children ages 7 and under. I dont have to worry that my child will come across something that is not age appropriate for him if I leave him alone on this site for a few minutes. AND, we watch the actual Sprout channel every single day.
  • Pinterest~ great new site where you "pin" images of things you love to mini bulletin boards that you arrange how you like.
  • ~ What more could a thrifty crafter ask for in a website?
  • Sweetly Scrapped~ Plenty of printables for all the scrappers out there!