Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Halloween Decorations from around the web

As we all know, Halloween is just a little over a month away. I have been a busy ghoul, grabbing up all the halloween ideas that Pinterest has to offer. Now it's time to share! I'm loving these! For clarification, I did not come up with any of these ideas myself. All credit goes to the original posters, whoever they may be. I tried to use the original links for these, but they came from Pinterest, so if I was unsuccessful, sorry! Click the links under the pictures to go to the page each item came from. Now...

 Halloween decorations! Please click on the image to enlarge. 

  1.  Boo sign ~made from wooden letters and scrapbook paper. And ribbon. Great to hang on a door or just to fill up space on a bare wall.
  2. DIY spider web floor! A roll of white tape is all you need to do this!
  3. Halloween Apothecary Jars~ Aren't they just too cute?
  4. Party treat Jars~ These look great, and look completely do-able.
  5. Spooky Window treatment~ I really dig this idea. Paper cutouts, orange lights, and a window shade. Easy!
  6. Tissue Paper Ghosts~ These are from Martha Stewart. Paste tissue paper to the top of a balloon, pop balloon, cut eyeholes, run wire through top, attach light, voila.
  7. Witch Parking Only~ This is from Better Homes and Gardens.  "Witch Parking Only! Violators will be TOAD!"
  8. Paper Witch Hat~ Adorable addition to any halloween decor! I will be excited to do my own version of this.
  9. Paper Pumkin lanterns~Another idea from Martha involving tissue and balloons.
  10. Adorable Painted leaf Ghosts~ Need there be any more explanation for these? Go outside, grab some leaves, and start painting! From Disney Family

That's all for now, Next post will be about all the great DIY Halloween costumes I found! Thanks for stopping by!


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