Thursday, July 21, 2011

First BLOG!

Hello fellow bloggers! I thought that the best topic for my first post would be my motivation for creating a blog in the first place! And his name is Dacota! He is a hyper, creative, 4 year old bundle of boy, and I want to start something that documents our great times together, so that he has something to remember when he grows up other than just his own memories. :) Today I am going to share his most recent fad, scary faces! He loves to show me just how "scary" he can be. I love his scary faces, though I must admit I am tempted to tell him that his face will stick that way forever if he keeps it up. :) The first is one he took a picture of himself. Just call him Mr. Independent. However, I ended up volunteering to take a few pictures for him, in the interest of actually being able to see the entire scary face on film. The one in the middle is my favorite, because I think he looks just like "the Scream" painting by Edward Munch.  The final one I call the "poison" look, because to me it looks like how someone would look at the moment they realized that their last drink was tainted. He cracks me up. <3 Love my boy!

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"The Scream" by Cota
"the scream" by Edward Munch
Uncanny resemblance, right?
What did you feed me?!


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