Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Trends I am NOT loving

Since I have joined Blogger and Pinterest, I have been exposed to a whole slew of popular trends that are making the rounds. Some are cute, some are funny, some are witty, and then, some are just plain annoying and some are just plain ugly (to me). I'm sure this is going to make me and my blog wildly popular! :)

The first trend I want to talk about is the mustache trend. I actually didn't know that it was a trend when I saw a friend of a friend who was a cashier at my local grocery store. She was showing off her new mustache tattoo on her pointer finger. Raise finger to a horizontal position right under your nose, and voila, instant giggles from anyone standing near you. I told her how cute and funny it was. Now that pinterest is bursting with mustache straws, mustache necklaces, mustache stickers, mustache band aids, and countless other mustache themed ideas, it has begun to lose its appeal to me. Some are still original and funny, but some are just plain ridiculous. Sorry.
Not on my bed 
The next one is considered creepy by a lot of people. But others think it is a cute way to display stuffed animals. I'm talking about the faux taxidermy stuffed animal heads.

I try to think back to when I was a kid. Would I have ever been able to do this to one of my beloved stuffed friends? The answer is an emphatic NO! I am not a fan of real taxidermy from real animals, either, in case you were wondering. I don't like the idea of displaying a dead animal in my home. It just seems slightly inhuman. I still hold respect for anyone who does, it's just a way of life that is not my cup of tea. And I think that stuffed animals are supposed to be our friends when we are children, friends we can cuddle with and play with, and maybe even talk to if we feel the need. So the idea of cutting them up and displaying them on the wall is both weird and slightly morbid(?) to me. sorry.

Next up is the eye chart trend. It hurts my eyes to try to read it, and that's all I am going to say. I think it would be cute as one with the pictures that they use for kids, for a kids room, but otherwise, they are a pretty novel concept but not for me. Sorry.

I am totally failing this test.

CHEVRON prints! Oh my goodness! This pattern is so popular right now! I just do NOT understand! Why is it even called Chevron?? This is a Chevron emblem.

Looks like two wide "v"s with the word "Chevron" Over them. That's great. Now for the pattern that is all the craze.

Yes, I can see how this is slightly similar to the chevron pattern from their logo. BUT, I think that there is a better and more vintage name for it. It is called "Zig-Zag!!" (This also makes my eyes hurt) That necklace, I must say, is actually great! And could actually be said to be Chevron! I like it! But, personally, I am not a fan of zigzag patterns, so everything else, eh.

Those trends are okay, I don't mind seeing them, they don't bother me too much. To each their own. But this last one, gah! I can not stand to watch the commercial. I cannot stand to see all the blog posts out there in which the blogger gushes over the stuff! And... its the Missoni for Target stuff! The colors! The pattern! (Isn't it basically "Chevron?") I just don't get why it's so popular. I think that the commercial makes it look like the 70's upchucked on everything. Sorry...

I just don't understand.

Someone PLEASE explain it to me. Please.

On a side note: My blog has now been viewed a grand total of 100 times!!!! I'm happy with that. :) Thanks to my follower if you are the one who pushed me over the 100 mark! :) And hopefully I am not committing blogger suicide by writing this post! Don't want to lose you! Fingers crossed! 


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