Thursday, September 1, 2011

Keep Calm and...

We have all seen the "Keep Calm" icons all over the web these days. From what I can tell, the original said "Keep Calm and Carry On"  but there are so many variations that it is getting hard to tell. Here are some examples, pulled from I simply typed in "Keep Calm" into the search bar and a whole lot of them turned up.

Not sure what this one has to do with keeping calm, but okay...
it combines the craze for keeping calm with the craze over mustaches, so I'm sure its popular.

For all the Calm people in the UK.

Love this one!


And there are tons more, each one more unique and creative than the one before. So I got the brilliant idea to attempt to make my own. I may be prejudicial, but I love it. Feel free to take it, use it, or even not like it! It took my about 3 minutes to make via I know, these may be getting old, and I am usually behind the times by a long shot. But anyway. By the way, I have no idea what the crown has to do with anything, but following the trend, I put one on there. :) Here it is:

And for the record, if I havent made it completely clear, I have no idea where the whole keep calm theme came from, but I wanted to make one of my own, with my own lil theme. I may in fact change it or make another, which will be added to this post. Thanks for reading! If anyone wants to explain the "keep calm" trend to me, or show me one that you made, please do! I welcome all comments!


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